March 9, 2022
By admin

MetaInfluencers NFT (Creation Process Part 2)

The Roadmap

The Roadmap is the Team’s Vision behind The MetaInfluencers.
It compromises of our Future Plans, including incentives & built-in Utility.

10% ⇁ Decentraland/Sandbox HQ Land

We will be purchasing virtual land within the Metaverse for our community to be voted by holders only. The holders will get to vote if the HQ will be located in Decentraland or Sandbox.

20% ⇁ MetaInfluencers 3D HQ

Upon the final location of the HQ, MetaInfluencers will start to develop the 3D space by creating custom digital assets and integrating them into the compatible version of the Meta HQ framework.
The planning of space, activities, and the proceeds of profit-sharing made within the Meta HQ will be distributed* directly into the HODLer wallets on chain.
We will be developing and training resources to manage and attend to all visitors 24–7. The trained resources deployed in the virtual space will act as a facilitator and moderators to prevent any misconduct. The trained resources shall act as a guide to the new visitors on the introduction of the space, how to use properly navigate around the space and utilize the developed digital assets within the space.

*Profit Sharing % TBC

30% ⇁ Unlock yourself to a wide pool of Influencers.

Once the development is up within our land, the Team of MetaInfluencers will host a week-long of a networking event with various influencers whom you can interact with and get any advice of your interest.
Owners of businesses and all walks of life will have the opportunity to connect with Influencers** from various countries and work out partnerships/collaborations to expand across borders at ease.

**Note that our definition of influencers means subject matter experts

40% ⇁ Exclusive Travel Giveaway to Secret Location (Up to 50 pax)

Winners of this giveaway will get a chance to meet and network with influencers in person at the perfect dream location. At the Secret Location, you are able to ask burning questions and get advice to your liking.

The MetaInfluencers team will be open to share and discuss about their personal life for you to get to know them personally, which includes the businesses that they have ran, the stakes and ventures they are currently holding, their profession, daily lifestyle and habits.
We will be sharing our 10-Year Long Trade Secret Roadmap plan.

45% ⇁ Business Matching and Endorsements

Through the evolution and pivoting of Web2.0 companies towards Web3.0, our team of business consultants and specialists will begin to partner and work with multiple brands across the world. Through this, our aim and objective is to pivot Web2.0 companies into the future with the confidence of influencers and industry experts within Web3.0

50% ⇁ Development of MetaInfluencers Play2Earn Game.

The BETA version of the Play2Earn Game will be in 2D to accelerate the project speed. We are pivoting towards using Paid Assets x Custom Assets to roll out the game as quickly as possible. At this juncture, we will be anchoring towards using Unity engine as our programming team is well versed and some applications have up to 20 million downloads in combined downloads.

60% ⇁ Creation and launch of MetaInfluencers Play2Earn Game.

In this stage, MetaInfluencer NFT holder will enjoy profit sharing from the Metaverse HQ and Play2Earn Game. A fraction of the profits will be parked in the community wallet where we will only unlock and utilize the funds when necessary, for further development upon the approval of the community.

70% ⇁ Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Creation of a Token where all NFT holders will be awarded a share amount based on the total supply.
The token’s aim is to create a DAO structure where NFT holders have full rights and control over the future of MetaInfluencers business directives and strategies.
With collective advice from the bottom up to give suggestions, a big pool of team with the right stakeholders will allow greater growth and longevity.

80% ⇁ Secret 3D Formula + P2E Profit Sharing

The Creation of the exclusive formula to Merge with your NFTs to transform your NFTs into a 3D version that can be used within the Metaverse. MetaInfluencer holders will be able to vote bi-annually on rewards/giveaway items they wish to gain based on the profits generated from the Play2Earn MetaInfluencer Game.

90% ⇁ Largest Influencer Party Ever

All MetaInfluencers will be invited to join the Biggest Influencer Party held in a secret location voted by holders. In this invitation to the secret location, we will reveal our biggest goal.
We will be preparing all necessary documentation and providing full cooperation to underwriters, brokers, engaging lawyers, Tier 1 and 2 Defi exchanges.

*Hint (Going for Listing)


Also, Giveaways are LIVE!

To commemorate our growth in follower base, we are holding multiple Whitelist Campaigns!
Follow our Discord & Twitter closely, and who knows, you’ll be the lucky one to get Whitelisted, or even win a free MetaInfluencer NFT!


What’s Next?

Our Team is currently cooking up Whitelist V1. Stay tuned as we will gradually be releasing more info about the project!

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