March 9, 2022
By admin

Introduction to The MetaInfluencers NFT

Problem Statement

As the upcoming generation starts to rise, it should be noted that they are well-versed in technology and this has only deepened their understanding and lifestyle due to the interruption COVID 19 brought on. This has led to social media influencers to be the new faces of celebrities and monetization front for online businesses.

Despite the many channels and outlets to exhibit their wares, online channels have given every individual an opportunity to rise and shine. With every influencer specializing in their own unique aspects and niches such as lifestyle, fashion, business, health and many more, The MetaInfluencers’ aim is to provide a platform for every individual or business to reach out, connect, share and speak with influencers around the world through the MetaVerse, where geographical barriers do not exist.


The Collection

The MetaInfluencers is a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Every trait within the NFT is hand-drawn to perfection.

With a total of over 2,000 hours spent designing and drawing, each NFT is individually checked and designed accordingly based on various inspirations. Through owning a MetaInfluencer, it will grant you a list of ever expanding benefits, such as access to a community of influencers around the world and exclusive HODLers-only privileges. Along with a strong background on business development and successfully shaping and changing multiple companies, our road-map will cease to amaze.


Utility (Opportunity + Community Rewards)

At current stages of Web2.0, businesses utilizing its technology face many challenges, which serves as a barrier preventing growth. One core emerging issues for Businesses would be the over-utilization of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in advertisements. This creates an issue as the effectiveness of KOLs will start to wane along with increasing marketing costs.

Our objective is clear and simple. Through curating a base of KOLs, specifically for physical and online businesses within The MetaInfluencers space, it would help both parties (KOLs + Business Owners) to expand their outreach into new markets by simply being a part of this community and collaborating with each other.

Once you get a MetaInfluencer NFT, you belong to the Community, and as our HODLers, this would be the place where you can boost your business with KOLs and returns. Apart from businesses and people increasing their network, all HODLers will be rewarded from any deal (KOLs + Business Owners) that runs through the community.

In addition, all HODLers will get a royalty of transactional proceeds through the trading of The MetaInfluencers NFT as stated below:
NFT at Minting Stage ⇝ 40% of all Royalties
NFT at Secondary Market Stage  25% of all Royalties

HODLers will also get the privilege and entitlement to meet global KOLs, receive exclusive Airdrops, and will automatically be Whitelisted for future projects where collaborators may wish to be associated with our community.

Simply put, you will be rewarded with every deal that takes place within the community and as it grows. It will be a space for the Community.

Your space, Your privilege, Your entitlement to meet global KOLs, Your ROI.

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