March 9, 2022
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Meet The Team

Meet the Team behind The MetaInfluencers Project!

Glenn Ong — Founder

His first venture revolved around the Fashion Industry (Bespoke Suits). Afterwards, he pivoted to become one of the pioneers in the Singapore e-commerce industry and has since ventured into over 8 different industries ranging from traditional to online businesses.

With a strong background in Branding and Marketing, he has successfully scaled multiple businesses through various offline and online marketing strategies, alongside the use of influencer marketing. Backed by 4 years in Business Consultancy, his deep sense of business logic and his arsenal of marketing strategies provides him with the advantage and flexibility to implement multiple unique solutions for a wide spectrum of companies and industries.

Check out his personal credentials here: https://linktr.ee/glennongg

Nicholas. Tung — Co-Founder

With over 16 years of experience in managing multiple IT-related projects and being an avid investor in businesses, Nicholas. Tung has amassed a large amount of experience in multiple domains. The Co-Founder is a Certified Management Consultant (PMC-10960) that is recognized by Enterprise Singapore Government and multiple related government authorities.

His PMC Certification is recognized in 85 countries and every consultancy project is even insured by the relevant bodies. He, too, is a Data Privacy Practitioner (PDPC x IAPP). The Co-Founder has multiple skillsets bred from the industries of Events Planning, Events and Media Marketing, Design and Creative, Info-Tech, and Unorthodox Business Training.

Check out his credentials here: https://sbacc.org.sg/services/pmc-search/4426/tung-kai-sheng/

Diana Macovei

She has been a dancer for as long as she can remember. In her younger days, She was in a crew and participated in numerous events. She loves learning new languages and even goes so far to teach them. As a current English Teacher (for Romanians), she is looking to perfect her Spanish so that she may conduct English-Spanish lessons.
She loves music & festivals and lives to travel, meet new people and experience the best things in life ( you can follow her on IG to get to know her better haha). Apart from co-founding a Marketing Agency with @web3freedom a couple of years ago, she did some freelancing web design and social media marketing over the years got involved in crypto a few years back.
Now an avid NFT art lover, she lurks in the shadows looking to get the best collabs and implement the best marketing strategies while developing cool events and engaging games for the community.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/diana__macovei/

Doru Stefan

Started in the online game industry reselling games/watches/electronics and slowly started to learn more about the financial system. By dabbling in e-commerce over the years and co-founding a marketing agency in his home country, he found success in trading and has been into Crypto & Discord for the past 6–8 years.
He has built discord servers and communities, from scratch, in his trading ventures and has since been deeply passionate about crypto & NFTs. In the past year, he has gotten involved in a few NFT projects, helping them grow & nurture strong communities. He loves travelling, meeting interesting people and geeking out about biz & crypto.
Target: web3freedom ‏‏‎ ‎
IG: https://www.instagram.com/doru.94/

Dillon Hon

Dillon’s expertise lies in Business Strategy, Human Capital, Marketing and utilising limited resources to achieve objectives and goals. He believes that there are various ways to succeed in any given industry but prioritises working as a team to the foundation of it all.
With an eye for efficiency and productivity, he has assisted various businesses hailing from Oil & Gas, Cleaning, Adult Education and Eyewear industries and made leaps and bounds to digitalise and implement processes that they would like to work with.

Ooi Guan Lin

Backed by multiple experiences within the technological industry, Guan Lin has been exposed and is conversant in managing customized software, websites and mobile applications.
Additionally, he loves to explore the intricacies of any new technology in the market and deep dive into the utility of each technology. The way each technology works to provide value intrigues him and he would love to apply this knowledge to further benefit the world.

Kit Foo Guo Xiang

With a passion for business, digital arts and design, Kit is constantly motivated to upgrade and improve himself to keep up with the ever-changing digital space. Throughout his journey, he has honed various skillsets in order to best advise and guide his clients with Business and Marketing strategies. Today, he is a business consultant and in charge of Creatives. His scope consists of managing all Creatives from conceptualisation to design and execution.

Merryn Yap

She’s a young adult that never stops learning. She involves herself in trying out new things despite how frightening it might be. But she pushes herself forward because that’s the story of her life. Nothing ever goes perfectly for her.
She has tried her hand at dancing, piano, guitar, singing, calligraphy, broadcasting, sewing, archery, running, diving and it was never a match. but she never gave up and now, she is involved in cryptocurrency.
By surrounding herself with great people from all walks of life, she has learnt a lot about the global financial system. She has exposed herself to accounts, marketing and company secretary. Being able to earn and learn has become her favourite thing.
Crypto or NFTs are still a new concept for her and the general population. Yet, she sees the utility and community potential of this project. She strongly believes in the DAO community and how it will help bring benefits to everyone.

Josh Lee

As a teenager and a student currently pursuing Sports/Business, he has already ventured into many industries such as Ecommerce, Bicycle, and the Fitness industry.
Through monetising his passions, he has created a number of small businesses that enables him to meet like-minded individuals and share his passion with others. These include Home Gym Consultations and Bike Buy-Sell-Repair services.
He is also a Crypto Enthusiast and have been active in the CryptoSpace since 2018.

Teh Li Yee

Starting out in digital marketing and graphic design, she moved on to
E-commerce, keeping in sync with the digital age. She then dabbled in cryptocurrency out of curiosity before exploring corporate marketing to gain wider exposure and more opportunities before moving back to e-commerce with my skillsets.
Today, she is spearheading growth marketing in the Korean market for a cryptocurrency exchange. She is a strong believer that crypto is here to stay.

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